Books for 16-notes Oldfellow Organ,

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Ca. 60 sec per tune or samples of potpourris.

Click the underlined titles and wait until the file is loaded to listen to the melody.( first minut)

The recorded scale is that of the 16 Oldfellow organ (the lowest bass-note D).

Number - Title - Length in meter Price 4€50 pro meter +transport

0001 The sweet by and by 6m50
0003 I need thee every hour 6m50
0014 America 2m60
0101 Les roses (french walz) 5m40
0102 Bonne bouche (Polka Waldteufel) 6m30
0106 Soldiers Joy 7m20
0109 Marching Through Georgia 8m00
0111 My Queen 5m40
0117 Boccherini menuet 6m30
0126 Auld lang syne 7m30
0137 Miserere - Verdi - Il Trovatore 8m00
0155 The beautiful blue Danube 6m75
0190 Yankee Doodle 5m80
0194 Golden slippers 7m30
0207 The arkansas traveller 4m75
0250 Jingle bells 9m00
0272 Grandfather's clock 7m00
0533 Tu cuelga (Polka Spanish) 6m00
0761 Coming through the rye 2m00
0762 Little brown jug 3m40
0763 Marusya 6m00
0764 Peekaboo 4m80
0765 Buffalo Gals 4m50
0766 Yellow Submarine 7m00
0767 Ein Männlein steht im Walde 6m00
0768 Ode to joy 7m80
0769 Polly Wolly 7m00
0770 Oh X-mas tree 7m00
0771 Rudolf the red nose raindeer 11m00
0772 God save the queen 3m20
0773 Chicken Dance 10m00
0774 La paloma 9m00
0775 Silent Night (Long) 13m50
0776 Silent Night (short)) 9m20
0777 My way 9m50
0778 Happy birthday to you 2m70
0779 Ciribiribi
0780 Come prima 9m25
0781 Spanish eyes 9m25
0782 The last Waltz 5m50
1010 Daisy bell 6m30
1121 Narcissius 5m35
1124 Sunny Tennessee 6m40
1133 Tale of the Kangaroo 4m70
1147 Gdy Narod Do Boju (Polish) 4m20
1169 Napoleon's March 4m50
1172 Turkey in the straw 4m70
1175 Original rag's 4m75
1187 Alexander ragtime's band 6m60
1207 Rainbow 6m20
1209 Humoresque 5m35
1259 Peggy O'Neil 5m30